domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2007

Archie Shepp - Kwanza

A brilliant little album from Archie Shepp -- material recorded on a variety of dates at the end of the 60s, but packaged together as an extremely soulful set in the mid 70s! There's a feel here that rivals some of the best moments of the Attica Blues years -- a mix of spiritual soul jazz and bolder modern moments -- reigned in nicely from the freer Shepp sound of a few years before, and given a really righteous focus by the addition of vocals on some tracks. Archie sings a bit himself, and one number features Leon Thomas singing with Tasha Thomas and Doris Troy -- a very odd meeting in the studio! Players include Woody Shaw, Jimmy Owens, Dave Burrell, Grachan Moncur III, and Wally Richardson -- and the tracks even get a bit funky at times! Titles include an excellent version of "New Africa", which was recorded later in Paris by Grachan Moncur III -- plus "Back Back", "Spoo Pee Doo", "Slow Drag", and Cal Massey's "Bakai".

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