sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2005


Baby, you got a bad bad mouthEverything is poison that's coming outCheating, lying since the day you were bornSomeone outta rinse it out with soapWash it out, wash it out, wash it outNo kind words are coming out of your mouthPlenty goes in but nothing good comes outBadmouth, sad mouth, you were an unhappy childThat doesn't make your lying tongue alrightWash it out, wash it out, wash it outCos everything is poisonYou'll be the unhappy oneYour lips taste of poisonYou're gonna be left aloneWhen you told me every word you saidCame from voices talking in your headBaby, I just think you're out for what you can getYour badmouth has killed off everything we hadWash it out, wash it out, wash it outCos everything is poisonYou'll be the unhappy oneYour lips taste of poisonYou'll be in the corner crying

I don't need no rising moonI don't need no ball and chainI don't need anything with youSuch a shame, shame, shameShame, shame, shame - shame is the shadow of loveYou changed my lifeWe were as green as grassAnd I was hypnotizedFrom the first 'til the last, kiss ofShame, shame, shame - shame is the shadow of loveI'd jump for you into the fireI'd jump for you into the flameTried to go forward with my lifeI just feel shame, shame, shameShame, shame, shame - shame is the shadow of loveAnd if you tell a lieI still would take the blameIf you pass me byIt's such a shame, shame, shame

Who the fuckD o you think you areGet outO f my hairwho the fuckdo you think you areComin' roundhereWho the fuck?W ho the fuck?W ho the fuckDo you think you areGet your combOut of thereComing outMy hairI'm not like other girlsYou can't straighten my curlsI'm not like other girlsYou can't straighten my curlsWho the fuckYou tryin' to be?Get your dogA way from me!What the fuckY ou doing in thereGet your dirty fingersOutta my hair!Who?Who?Who?Who?Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!YouI'm freeYou'll seeI'm meYou'll seeWho?

Please don't make my wedding dressI'm too young to marry yetCan you see my pocket knife?You can't make me be a wifeHow the world just turns & turnsHow does anybody learn?Mummy, put your needle downHow did you feel when you were young?Cos I feel like I've just been bornEven though I'm getting onHow the world slips by so fastHow does anybody last?As the world keeps comingAnd the bees keep hummingAnd I'll keep runningFlowers I can do withoutI don't wanna be tied downWhite material will stainMy pocket knife's gotta shiny bladeI'm not trying to cause a fussI just wanna make my own fuck-upsI'm not trying to break your heartI'm just trying not to fall apart

Put the penTo the paperPress the envelopeWith my scentCan't you seeIn my handwritingThe curve of my g?The longingOhWho is left thatWrites these days?You and meWe'll be differentTake the capOff your penWet the envelopeLick and lick itOhI need youThe time is running outOh babyCan't you hear me call?It turns me onTo imagineYour blue eyesOn my wordsYour beautiful penTake the cap offGive me a sign and I'd come runningOhIt's youI want you

Blue now is the colourLove the drug I'm needingGot to keep this feelingWith the headlights burningWe're looking up for somethingAnswers on the ceilingWatching out the windowsWatch the way the wind blowsSoon it will be morningStill the question lingersI twist it round my fingersCould you be my calling?See this winged boy fallingFalling out of somethingHits the drug I'm needingArrows that he's turningNeed to keep this feelingSlow drug in the morningWith the headlights burningLooking up for somethingSomething that we're needingStill the question lingersI twist it round my fingersCould you be my calling?

I have no time for hate or loveHey child, you're so full of woeI have no time for hate or lyingHey child, you're no child of mine

I heard our song on the radioIt wasn't long before I think of youCan't get the sound outta my headDon't look now, it's coming round againI saved your voice from the telephoneI play it back on the message machineIt really sounds like you're having funI'm going out into the midday sunCome night, I'm gonna step outsideTake a walk, I'm gonna clear my mindThe radio, still playing our songYou got me jumping like a cat on the wallTurn up the radioThey play the radio in my dreamsTakes me back to when I was 17Dancing in circles on the kitchen floorI'll play this song 'til I can't take anymore

We are waitingFor the summerThe sun will bring backTreasures for usCome on my friendDrink to good timesGolden wishesTo your health and mineYou come throughFor meYou come trueFor meYou be wellFor meYou come throughFor meI'll be liftedOn this our holidayI'll take you my friendI'll take you with meYou come throughFor meYou come trueFor meYou be wellFor meYou come throughFor me

Oh dear sweet mamaI'm not feeling wellCan I step outFor a little while?But I go missingI steal awayAnd I go kissingIn the alleywayAll I want to doAnd all I want to grow up to beIs all caught up with youLook what you're doing to meOh dearest young manTeach me sweetheartHow to love youI'm a clever girlYou've got me lyingYou've got me leaving homeYou've got me cryingWhen I'm aloneWhen I'm not with you my dreams are so very darkWhen I'm not with you I dream of my hair falling outWhen I'm not with you I walk dark tunnels of my heartWhen I'm not with you everything comes apartWhen I was youngerI spent my daysWondering to whomI was supposed to pray...It's you...


Oh love, you were a sickly childAnd how the wind knocked you downPut on your spurs, swagger aroundIn the desperate kingdom of loveHoly water cannot help you nowYour mysterious eyes cannot help youSelling your reason will not bring you throughThe desperate kingdom of loveThere's another who looks from behind your eyesI learn from you how to hideFrom the desperate kingdom of loveAt the end of this burning worldYou'll stand proud, face upheldAnd I'll follow you, into Heaven or HellAnd I'll become, as a girlIn the desperate kingdom of love

Promises, promisesI'm feeling burnedYou taught me a lessonI didn't want to learnWhy did I come here?Please tell me againWhy did you ask me?Don't say you forgetI long for, I long forI long for my homeI long for a land whereNo man was ever knownWith no neurosisNo psychosisNo psychoanalysisAnd no sadnessI'll pick up the pieces,I'll carry on somehowTape the broken parts togetherAnd limp this love aroundLimp this love around

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